It's Benefits

Chit Fund is an attractive Investment Option which caters to people from all walks of life. It is specially beneficial to the Salaried Class, Professionals, Businessmen and Self Employed. The uniqueness of Chit Fund as a method of Financial Planning stems from the fact that, it is both a tool for saving and borrowing. In other words, it serves the dual purpose of being an investment for your savings and in times of need the Subscriber can bid for the Prize Amount in order to meet any unexpected expenditure.

Whenever a subscriber has an unexpected Financial requirement like marriage or medical emergency etc., a subscriber can bid for the Prize Amount and if he emerges as the Prized Subscriber, he gets the Lump sum Prize Amount, which constitutes a timely financial bounty to get over critical times. This lump sum payment of the Chit Amount is of timely financial help without having to go through the hassles of taking a loan.

  1. A higher rate of return in comparison to a bank deposit
  2. A good source of Finance for all contingencies.
  3. Way of saving or borrowing to meet Special expenses like marriage or building or purchase of a house or flat etc.
  4. Source of finance for businessmen on a very low interest rate.
  5. To save in small amounts to receive a lump sum during the period of chit.
  6. To borrow the future savings in advance. Some subscribers join chit funds to borrow and others to save.
  7. It inculcates the habit of saving and setting apart a particular amount every month towards investment for a rainy day.

Chit Fund is an indigenously developed concept which is well suited to the needs of Indian Society.